Little Bear needs your help this Christmas  

Hard to believe when you see him now but tiny Bear arrived in such terrible condition it didn’t look like there was much hope for him. If he had the strength to stand up he would have been a mere 31 inches tall but he was so weak he couldn’t stand by himself. He had been left lying on the ground for so long that he was suffering nerve damage on one side of his face and excruciatingly painful eye ulcers. Shockingly he weighed just 42 kilos. It was heart breaking.

His matted coat was infested with lice and he was riddled with worms. Bear’s first battle was a simple one; he had to get strong enough to stand up by himself. His body condition scored 0.5 / 5. He was at death’s door and rushed to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) for intensive treatment.

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Lying on the ground for so long had caused the eye ulcers and nerve damage. It meant he had lost the ability to blink in one eye which caused further problems that needed surgery by expert equine ophthalmologists. He desperately needed to gain strength but had problems eating because he has bottom teeth missing on both sides and his top ones were overgrown and sharp which made it too painful. His fight for life was on, RVC staff called him Bear in the hope he would grow into the name.

He is just the first rescue arrival of the season

Bear proved incredibly resilient and left the hospital to join our special care unit to continue his recovery although he may still lose the damaged eye. His road ahead is a long one, he is a victim of cruelty and neglect, please help us to give him and others suffering the same fate, real hope with your donation.

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