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This is Dizzy looking the picture of health only two months after she arrived in the most awful condition. Unlike most of the rescued ponies and horses who find sanctuary at The Trust Dizzy wasn’t found by the side of a road or abandoned in a field but was removed from owners who were unable to care for her by the RSPCA. Malnourished and painfully thin, she was a pitiful sight. She was in real danger and needed urgent care.

Taking her immediately to our isolation unit our expert team went to work and Dizzy began the treatment she needed if we were to help to turn her life around. Even in the darkest days she showed a fighting spirit. The patience and care of the team began to pay off and Dizzy responded even better than we could have hoped for.

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Dizzy’s condition at the start of April wasn’t a pretty sight but her recovery has been remarkable and she now looks well and it is important that you can see exactly what your donation helps us to achieve. It is just the start of her new life; the rescue of a young pony is a long-term commitment. Even if no underlying health issues arise Dizzy will be with us for some time, years and costing tens of thousands of pounds to get her to the stage where we can find her a new home.

Rescue is just the start of a long road ahead

A donation on Dizzy’s behalf is an investment in her future and will help provide her the new life opportunities she deserves after her terrible beginning. It is a long road ahead but hopefully one you will join us on as we put over 130 years’ experience towards making sure there is a very happy tomorrow for her.

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