Help us care for Sparrow, Puffin and
Inca Dove 

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We need your help today for Sparrow a 9-month-old miniature Shetland weighing only 143 Kg blind in one eye, Puffin a 2-year-old black and white filly with horribly overgrown feet and a heart murmur and the incredibly beautiful Inca Dove heavily pregnant and severely underweight.

These three ponies were left to graze illegally on Highways owned land in Somerset and Avon before being abandoned to their fate by a callous owner before being rescued by the Highways Agency and Somerset and Avon Police.  All three need urgent medical attention if they are going to be able to make a full recovery.

They are safe with us but we ask you please to help us with a donation towards their treatment and the best possible chance we can give them of a new and better life.    

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Please help Sparrow, Puffin and Inca Dove

Sparrow, the little brown colt is only about 9 months old and is truly emaciated with a body condition score of only 0.5 out of 5. He is 12 hands high yet weighs only 143 kgs. He seems very sweet natured despite this willful and cruel neglect. He may well have been got rid of due to a birth defect causing him to be blind in one eye, even though he manages perfectly well as seeing with one eye is all he's ever known. This little lad may look fluffy but when you run your hands through his coat there is just skin and bone underneath.

Sparrow came to us with two lovely ladies, the black and white filly is only 2 years old and whilst underweight is nowhere near as thin as Sparrow. She does however have horribly overgrown feet that are badly affecting her gait and stance, which we will sort as soon as possible, she also has a heart murmer. We don't yet know if Puffin yet is pregnant or has a distended tummy due to worms.
Finally we have the incredibly beautiful Inca Dove, she is about 5 years old and almost certainly very pregnant. She is also underweight (only 219kg and 11.3hh and pregnant) so we need to balance caution in getting weight on at a safe speed whilst also getting her as fit and strong as we can before her foal arrives.


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