Tiny Sparrow needs a little help 

Thanks for helping tiny Sparrow our 9-month-old miniature Shetland who was found in late March, abandoned to his fate on Highways owned land in Somerset and Avon along with Puffin and Inca Dove. The two girls show signs of improvement but this little fellow is a long way from good health.

He arrived with a body score of only 0.5 / 5 so emaciated that it is little short of a miracle how he kept going, he’s a fighter that’s for sure. Being in such poor condition adds extra complications for the Vets and the Care team nursing this little fellow back from the brink. Even now he simply doesn’t have enough body fat for his medication to work properly and it is a slow process. He may look fluffy but underneath that coat he is just skin and bone.

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It is likely he was abandoned because of a birth defect that means he is blind in one eye, although he doesn’t let that bother him, it’s all he has ever known. It is a condition that can be treated as and when he is strong enough but it also means that Sparrow is going to be with us for many years, maybe forever, although with his spirit he just might make it to a new home in the years ahead.

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